How to find the right Digital Marketing Specialist in Dubai

A Digital Marketing Specialist Dubai should have a set of skills to be successful. In this post, I would like to showcase these skills in particular.

Marketing Automation

Let’s how you can use marketing automation for improving E-commerce business:

If you are a business digital marketing can change your bottom line. The initial phase is the development of a website that you can promote using digital platforms.

The website has to do the following:

  1. Create a good image for your business
  2. Effectively portray your services to your customers
  3. Optimized for Search Engine Rankings
  4. Integrate with other marketing and CRM platforms
  5. Easy to update and manage.

Why you should hire a digital marketing specialist in Dubai?

  1. Wide array of digital marketing skills at your disposal
  2. Budget Management can be easily handled by a specialist as this done on day to day basis for multiple platforms.
  3. You can get the experience of digital marketing specialist to work for your business rather than spending years developing those experiences.
  4. Save time and create new time for concentrating on your business
  5. You can scale your business with outsourcing your marketing to a digital marketing specialist
Digital Marketing Specialist Dubai

Digital Marketing Automation for E‑Commerce Businesses

Revenue and profit is the key to the success of any E-Commerce Business. Creating targeted emails that are triggered based on the user’s actions can enable personalized communication with customers.

Generating more revenue and profits, as a result, is based on how you can increase the average order value and the lifetime customer value. Automation systems make this more efficient and effective. There are different types of automation systems that can be used to achieve sales as well as customer retention.

A customer moves through different stages during the interaction with the business and at each stage, the customer or the user can be engaged with personalized messages to move them forward with the help of these systems. This approach strengthens the relationship and brand recall.

For example, a welcome email series can be used to establish a relationship with new customers. Offering them educational material as they progress through different stages of interaction can help any business make more sales and revenue in return.

Advantages of Marketing Automation

  1. Reduce your staffing costs
  2. Increased revenue and average deal size
  3. Improve accountability of marketing & sales teams
  4. Be more effective
  5. Less repetition, more creativity
  6. Refine your marketing processes
  7. Target potential customers across multiple channels
  8. Never stop A/B testing your campaigns
  9. Boost customer lifetime value through up-sells and cross-sells
  10. Take your marketing activity to an ultra-targeted level
  11. Save time managing your social media campaigns
  12. Schedule posts and campaigns ahead of time
  13. Reduce the time it takes to create campaigns
  14. Re-purpose existing content to nurture leads
  15. Better reporting on what’s working and what’s not
  16. Reward your most loyal customers with a referral program
  17. Taking the guesswork out of lead scoring
  18. Prioritize your leads with lead scoring
  19. Keep your CRM data up to date
  20. Know exactly when to call
  21. Reduce lead conversion time
  22. Automatically follow-up with leads
  23. Never make another cold call
  24. Staff satisfactio
  25. More messaging, more time, more channels, more sales
  26. Testing
  27. Marketing teams can share the love

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You’ll have to invest in technology

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